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Training courses in the framework of the project Museum and library developments for everyone

Several free of charge training courses are organised in the framework of the project Museum and library development for everyone, EFOP-3.3.3-VEKOP-16-2016-00001. The overall aim of our training courses is to provide further professional training for museum professionals and teachers, to prepare them for being able to follow the changes taking place in the museum sphere and in public education and to realise a more effective collaboration between schools and museums in order to increase the social importance of Hungarian museums and the weight of equal opportunities, also to support social inclusion and access to cultural goods.

The training courses developed for museum professionals are accredited on the basis of the decree 1/2000(I.4.) NKÖM.

The training courses for teachers are accredited by PAT. Successful completion of the courses earns credits valid in the system of further training of teachers.

Due to the project, the training courses are provided free of charge.

One person can only participate in one training course developed in the framework of the project.

Please note that filling out the application form does not mean automatic admittance to the course. The leadership of the MOKK decides about admittance to the course.