On the trail of service-oriented museums

On the trail of service-oriented museums

Museums are going through a paradigm shift in the present. Visitor-oriented museums tend to focus more and more on their social responsibility and usefulness. It is in the best interest of museums becoming continuously more open scenes to reposition themselves. Besides transmitting culture, which is their basic responsibility, they provide services to visitors by which they can transform them from passive consumers of culture, into actively involved stakeholders in the life of museums, while taking economic changes and needs of the community into account.

On the trail of service-oriented museums

Within a three-day professional study trip, the members of the countrywide network of museum educators set out to explore the visible results of this shift of attitude in six museums of three towns – Kecskemét, Ópusztaszer and Szeged – namely to discover their service-oriented best practices.

Katona József Muzeum Cifrapalota

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 On the trail of service-oriented museums

The service-providing attitude of Katona József Museum Cifrapalota is reflected in its colourful museum education programmes having been available for about ten years. All age-groups are welcome at their museum education sessions, all of which are linked to a current exhibition. Participants can get to know about ancient handcraft techniques, but music and dance also takes place.

On the trail of service-oriented museums

The exhibition Kecskemét 650 is a fine example of entertaining knowledge transfer embracing the 650-year-old history of the town. The serious topic of looking back to the historical past is counter-balanced by modern visual technology applications, thereby easily enchanting the younger age-groups. The exhibition invites the visitor to be interactive through tactile objects, great selfie locations, drawers to open, and interacting monitor.

Ráday Museum

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On the trail of service-oriented museums

The aim of the Dunamelléki Parish Protestant Ráday Museum is to showcase the history of ecclesiastical art and the treasures of the Protestant Church.

The service-oriented approach appears at several points in the operation of the museum. A goldsmith’s workshop having been operating in the building since 2015, the function of which is not only to safeguard the trade, but also to get the youth acquainted with the beauty of the trade in the practical sessions. Naturally, the children can take home the objects and jewellery they created here, and adults can take part in different courses to acquire the techniques of goldsmiths and enamels on different levels from beginner to advanced.

The museum not only supports vocational education, but being a service-oriented museum it also maintains close cooperation with different NGOs. Their travelling museum programme called “Ládafia” (small internal drawer or box in a chest) has been on the road since 2017 carrying out museum education sessions to different age groups from primary school to secondary school students. On Fridays, an investigation game combined with live history is regularly hosted, which was inspired by a novel titled “The locked up room” by Géza Hegedűs. The museum’s diverse programmes on offer include supporting volunteering in the museum.

Leskowsky Collection of Musical Instruments

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On the trail of service-oriented museums

The Leskowsky Musical Collection was the final stop of the visit in Kecskemét. The collection of more than two thousand items provides possibilities for edutainment for young and old alike even without prior musical knowledge. The service-oriented museum attitude and the integration of the museum into the town’s life is reinforced by the regular theme days hosted in the exhibition space, the music events and the joint events with the municipality.

Ópusztaszer Heritage Park

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On the trail of service-oriented museums

The diversity of the vast area of Ópusztaszer Heritage Park provides loads of different locations for sessions. Being a service- or visitor-oriented museum, the national park is committed to giving the kind of edutainment to schools which would not be possible in the school environment during the lessons. The cinema-hall capable of playing 3D films also serves this purpose, and the museum education facility which is suitable for running programmes for blind and partially-sighted visitors, as well as the conference room with a seating capacity of 300 people. After closing time, susceptible visitors can have a spooky experience. Coordinated by school community service students and young museum educators, a quiz game can be tried, the essence of which is the teams’ wandering through the dark exhibitions where they might stumble into unusual “souls”.

Móra Frenc Museum Fekete-house

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On the trail of service-oriented museums On the trail of service-oriented museums

The town of Szeged is celebrating the 300th anniversary of regaining its free royal town rights. Inside a huge model tart set up in the centre of the town visitors can try out an interactive game of city knowledge, or can watch awareness raising films about the town. It is a high priority for the Móra Ferenc Museum to outreach to the residents of the town and treat them as a community, by developing personal relationships with them. Linked to exhibitions, personal stories are collected and presented, cooperation is built with local restaurants, and respective attractions connected to current topics, art projects are carried out like the temporary change of street name, or wrapping up Kas Gallery.

Reök Palota

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 On the trail of service-oriented museums

The gallery specialising in contemporary art has a well organised network of volunteers. Following an American model, the guided tour here has a special form. It does not consist of listening to the history of the works, but rather, it is a kind of spiritual guide, when the tour guide unlocks the content behind the works with reflection, description and discussion of impressions. The purpose of the Glex method (Gallery Learning Experience) is not to provide a detailed artistic analysis but to discuss the topic and impressions. Adopting this novelty guided tour form requires a change of attitude on both sides.

The six museums in the three cities visited presented a multitude of colourful and imaginative good practices of service-oriented museums. Our goal is that the coordinators of the Museum and Library Development for Everyone project gain new momentum so that they can successfully apply them in their own institutions and pass on the knowledge to other museums in the area.

The professional study trip took place within the European Union project entitled “Museum and library development for everyone” identification number 3.3.3-VEKOP-16-2016-00001. The project is implemented by EU fund of two billion HUF between 1 February 2017 and 31 January 2020, with the consortium cooperation of the Museum Education and Methodology Centre, Hungarian Open Air Museum, and Szabó Ervin Metropolitan Library. The implementers of the project are committed to strengthening the role of equal opportunities, the inclusion of disadvantaged groups and creating possibility for providing equal access to cultural goods.

Text and photos: Alexandra Knob  (april 2019)

Translation: Katalin Andrikó